Most Popular Vehicle Brands In Arkansas Ranked

Fact Checked by Michael Peters

When searching for a new vehicle, consumers have multiple choices as it relates to style, engine performance, gas mileage and brands. But which vehicle is the most popular in each state? took a break from Arkansas sports betting and utilized’s list of the Top 50 most popular car brands in the United States as a starting point for the research project. We then utilized Google Trends to search each car brand to see the highest level of interest of each state for the brand.

After completing the trends from July 25th, 2022, to July 25th, 2023, we were able to average out the results to get the top car brand for each state. 

Favorite Car Brand By State

  • Honda (7 states): Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina
  • Dodge (5 states): Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico
  • Ford (4 states): Michigan, Montana, South Dakota, Wyoming
  • Audi (4 states): Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York
  • Mercedes-Benz (3 states): Florida, Georgia, Virginia
  • Chevy (3 states): Kentucky, North Dakota, Oklahoma
  • Mazda (3 states): Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Washington
  • Volkswagen (3 states): New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah
  • Buick (3 states): Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin
  • Hyundai (3 states): Alabama, Arizona, Illinois
  • 1 state: California (Tesla), Hawaii (Toyota), Maine (Volvo), Nebraska (Lincoln), Nevada (BMW), New Jersey (Land Rover), Ohio (Kia), Rhode Island (Alfa Romeo), Tennessee

Arkansas Seeks Out Dodge Vehicles

When looking up the most popular vehicles in Arkansas, the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado show up a lot, but according to the Google Trends research, Arkansans may be leaning toward Dodge vehicles.

The Dodge Ram trucks are No. 9 on the list of most popular car brands, while the company’s performance vehicles, such as the Dodge Charger, come in at No. 18 on the Top 50 list.

According to, Dodge sold 569,388 Ram trucks in 2021, which is up slightly from the 563,676 in 2020 while still down from the 2019 total of 633,694.

In 2022, Arkansas ranked 34th nationally in new car sales with 96,324, according to California is No. 1 with 1,667,831 new car sales.

When looking at 2022 used car sales in Arkansas, data from shows the Ford F-150 has the biggest share of sales followed by the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, the Dodge Ram 1500 and the Toyota Camry.

That coincides with data from the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, which says the most popular vehicle in the state for 2023 is the Ford F-150 at 93,200 owners, followed by Chevy Silverado (88,931) and the GMC Sierra (60,262).

While the Dodge vehicles may be drawing a lot of interest from Arkansas — just like there’s plenty of interest in Arkansas sports betting promo codes — sales data shows they still lean more toward Ford and Chevy.


Douglas Pils

Douglas Pils has been a sports journalist for 30 years in Texas, Arkansas and New York having worked for the San Antonio Express-News, the Associated Press, The Dallas Morning News and Newsday. He most recently ran the Student Media Department at Texas A&M for eight years.

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